Artifical Intelligence panic in 2023

 AI is causing a slight panic and prominent individuals want to stop the speeding train by pulling the emergency brake.

Would this be the solution?

Rather, it is necessary to keep up with the speed and improve the quality of the road, and direct the movement of the speeding machine even at high and growing speeds, and try to keep the situation under control.

The key here is knowledge and skills.

These can be acquired through learning and practice.

On this Skype Museum page, I have described how young boys developed knowledge and skills "hands-on" through continuous activity at a suitable age for primary education, and eventually reached the same pace at which the computer world developed, despite being 10 years behind in Soviet prison compared to the development of the free world in IT. In addition, they made a significant contribution to this development because their acquired level allowed it.


However, feedback from the KaZaA and Skype sides informs me that the content creation aspect is not particularly interesting to anyone. In the case of Estonia, we wrote about development opportunities in a letter with enthusiastic initiative from Jaak Loonde and Peeter Normak already in 1988, and Norbert Wiener wrote the book Cybernetics in 1948. While this did unleash technological IT development, the development of the people associated with it did not follow. Stalin completely banned cybernetics. Today's desire to stop the train fits into that category.


I have written that today's education system is not keeping up with IT development at the same pace, it is significantly lagging behind. The reason is not so much that IT is not being taught, but rather the order in which it is being taught. Instead of at university, it should be taught at the primary school level and there are also opportunities at the preschool age. Ahti's mother's (and parents') experience with their 10-year-old son shows this, and my experience also allows for the beginning of 7th grade (Jaan, Priit + Mikk) and Mati, Ivo 4th grade.


However, it is essential for further development to create a small team that competes with each other in a good sense.


JPA developed in the IT field outside of school, which I was able to provide in non-existent conditions at Kaera22. However, there are significant development opportunities for young people within the school system, not only in Estonia but throughout the world.


Smart young people can find much more in this development than developing killer robots, and young people's green worldview would allow humanity to deal with the real enemy, STUPIDITY, along with the speeding IT train and AI development.


It is a little early for panic, there is still homework to be done.


Jüri Malsub

at Anepalu



(Translated thanks to a smart machine)