A con man's way to fight against STUPIDITY aka not knowing how to code


The authors of Skype (JPA - Jaan, Priit, Ahti) gave us another level of communication to talk with each other around the world. JPA learned very early on how to write code and they produced amazing results (Skype!). We all know that we have to learn how to read and calculate at the right age. Today's programming skills are the same as reading and calculating. Sadly most of the humans do not realise it and live in the old ways, still living in 19th and 20th century. We must break through this stagnated way of living. For that, we have to work together.



Recently one of my friends fell victim for a con man's pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a scam that fools people to think that there is NOT a limited number of people in this world.

Pyramid schemes are worldwide. These con men create apparently something out of nothing: for my friends case, you can travel cheaper, although loads of travel agencies are always competing with the best prices available.

My friend had to pay 200 euros right after joining the scam and after that 50 euros a month. Also my friend had to invite 4 new "victims". So lets start counting the number of people that are going to get involved, if everyone joined in:















268435456-1073741824-4 294 967 296 = X   And there are no humans left on this planet. And the "travel agency" should have X*200 Euros on their balance (858 883 459 200 EUR) if everyone joined in. Even the Skype was sold 100 times cheaper!

On the 10th level there would be no humans left in Estonia.

On the 16th level there would be no humans left in the world.


And this is the Pyramid Scheme.

But! Can this scheme also be useful for humanity?

Usually the "smart" aka the con men fool the stupid using this scheme.

However, if you need to give something useful and needed to the fools, then this kind of Pyramid Scheme is justifiable to use. In our case we need the young people to be able to learn how to ride the cybernetic horse (reference to my book) aka how write to code! Because if young people knew how to program the entire world would advance and we would actually be in the 21th century with our teaching and learning.

So if you are reading this, then tell your friends to create teams of 4, so we would have great teams who would create something amazing. Exactly like in this scheme.