Opportunities for humans against zombie developments


The ongoing 4th world war today shows that the comfortable person has once again let go of the matter, and the outcome is bloody. 

At the same time, the issue lies within the human mind. There is no external difference between a human and a zombified human. 

The current situation is similar to the case where an ape learned to use a machine gun and shot down its fellow apes. The other apes have the options of waiting in fear for when the bullets run out or hoping for the aging death of the ape wildly firing the machine gun. Another option is to kill the dangerous ape before it gets the chance, and today's development is heading in that direction.


Belief without feedback leads to a pitfall. 

An anecdote about how believers walking on water crossed a river ended with the believer who observed them going to walk on water and drowning. 

Afterward, the other believers said that the man had strong faith, but he also needed to know where the rocks were under the water. 

Today, it would be good for zombie people to know how and why their faith leads to drowning. 

The development of this ignorance begins in childhood, where the faith is hammered into the young zombie apprentice, excluding the possibility of developing critical thinking. A cannonmeat does not need to think.  

 Thoughts can also be conveyed through sound and images from one point to another thanks to today's technological advancements. In the case of zombies, however, there is a screen in front of reception. 

The whole issue boils down to the topic of getting behind that screen, and Skype greatly contributes to this.


Be persistent and steadfast. The human race must endure.

Translated thanks to a smart machine.


Jüri Malsub, at 3:21, 21th October 2023