Spinning one's wheels and the extinction of zombies


Let's observe the bustling of humankind, for example, from the moon. Such a beautiful living planet. 


Now let's observe the present day through a powerful telescope that peers into the depths of human beings.


On 24th February 2022, a zombie-like creature resembling a 21st-century human initiated massacres in Ukraine on the old European soil. Very few believed it, as the matter lacked any sense or, if it did, it was far from normality. If there are supporters of such abnormality, things however become interesting: what does it rely on? Is it due to the complete absence of brains, fear, or the principle that money doesn't smell?


I have written here that humanity, in its fight against global extraterrestrial threats, needs the temporal resource of the human species capable of cooperating with intelligent machines, a resource that is in short supply. Now humanity must deal with the containment and, if necessary, the destruction of zombified human beings.


It is not a reasonable use of time, but the situation is dire. In such circumstances, people need to act decisively because the possibilities of humanity in the frontline battle against extraterrestrial threats are at stake. Ukraine will acquire NATO membership, and so will Free Russia that originates it's principles from Ukraine. 

But that is not all. Only a free individual and a free society can move towards biodiversity; various ideologies prevent it, and this conviction was already held by the father of cybernetics, Norbert Wiener, more than 50 years ago.


A wise person and AI, hand in hand, can overcome this zombification if YOU also contribute and think along. Today, it is evident that the seed of a Free Russia is being born, and it is the duty of Russians who have hidden from zombification in the world to assist in establishing Free Russia, which would be free from imperial-mindedness and would live in peace with its neighbors, where science supports the global community rather than engaging in the creation of weapons.


Skype significantly contributes on the communication front, and eventually, one can look at the right plans and thoughts as an information collection that flows like water from the mountain to the valley, or rather, here it flows into the zombie valley and extinguishes ignorance.


Hope dies last. Let us hope that hope remains, and the capabilities of intelligent machines help humanity emerge victorious on the frontline of ignorance-zombification battle.


Translated thanks to a smart machine and some human assistance.


 Jüri Malsub