Tabula rasa is the beginning. At birth, everyone is born the same. But then growth begins and everyone grows differently, in addition to what their ancestors passed down at birth.

It's a crazy situation when in the 21st century, in the age of smart machines, stupid people grow who can't keep up with the pace of development due to pre-cybernetic understandings. They become an easy prey for zombies.


Now, people must shed blood and sweat to overcome the evil.


But how can we prevent such a situation from arising?


Humanity has repeatedly stumbled on the same rake. Lessons have not been learned.


Stratification is inevitable. The question is communication between layers. Both vertically and horizontally. Rules for life and development must be in place, and violators must be dealt with immediately. Observing from the sidelines and using democracy rules against all sorts of ideocrats in the case of villains often leads to an undesirable outcome. If necessary, we must act firmly.


A smart person and a smart machine together can cope with the stable and peaceful development of humanity, and the base of a complicated relationship that existed before the smart machine does not help us avoid the brink of destruction of humanity, as evidenced by today's and also the next state of war.


Skype does a great job in the communication field on the battlefield of the zombie war. Skype also showed in covid conditions that the world is greener when moving from point A to point B in the information network, and bits do not carry viruses or become infected.


But we must already seriously consider tomorrow today to avoid bubbles and ensure that the beautiful oasis of life on Earth, including the apex of living nature, humans, is flawless when viewed from the vastness of the world. The rules of the game - simple and clear!


Fortunately, Estonians are still grounded and close to nature, where just a century ago there were simple human understandings.


Good and evil. Honesty and deceit. Hard work and laziness. Etc.


There is no need for hate speech laws and embellishing criminals, murderers, and scammers who have brought humanity on this beautiful planet to today's state of war.


Translated thanks to a smart machine.


Jüri, 2023