About Freezing Russians

My grandchild, who is 3 years old, told me that they want to become a wizard. I asked them, "What would you do as a wizard then?"
Their response was that they would freeze Russians in ice so they couldn't cause trouble to others.

In the past, new linguistically appropriate words and thoughtful ideas have come from the mouths of children. I won't explain to the child that not all Russians are bad, and some have already frozen their thought world, essentially being like people trapped in ice or zombies. If you thaw a zombie from the ice, they might not return as a human, and their thinking abilities may remain centuries behind, when the empire and imperial mindset were important. But in the 21st century, there's nothing to be done about it; here, we need the skill to live and evolve together with others, nature, and smart machines, so that AI doesn't completely take over the reins from the foolish human race. At least for now, there's still a chance to develop and guide progress together with intelligent machines.

Our broader problem is the scarcity of time for humanity equipped with the ability to advance beyond Earth into the cosmos with the help of information, in order to endure the destruction of Earth's living environment. Therefore, even those Russians, as part of humanity's intellectual capacity, who, when thawed from zombies, could acquire human characteristics, not just externally.

Translated thanks to a smart machine.


Grandpa Jüri

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