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We can often observe a lack of moral and social responsibility in our society today. Unfortunately, the opportunities to "escape a tight spot" have diminished to the point where NATO membership seems to be the only option. However, for that to happen, all countries must reach the level required for NATO membership, and once achieved, the purpose of NATO will become obsolete. War plans will be a thing of the past, and resources can be redirected toward human development.


This situation, however, stems from foolishness, which in turn, stems from ignorance or stupidity. It is easier to produce obedient individuals than thinkers, and while a parrot might receive a higher grade, a person who merely repeats what they are told is not truly educated. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are too dull to be taught, and their lack of critical thinking skills is instilled in them from a young age when they are expected to simply listen to their teachers.


In 1986, a teacher named Ene Tiits noticed that three boys, Jaan, Priit, and Mikk, were slightly different from their peers at Tallinn 60th High School. She proposed to their parents and other teachers that they be allowed access to computers, knowing that this was an area in which she had expertise. As an experimentalist at heart, I was given the opportunity, and that is where the seed for SKYPE was sown. I had a responsibility to nurture the project.


This is where the story of SKYPE begins, and it was made possible by the support of the Kaera22 team during the impossible 10 years of Soviet occupation, which left us ten years behind in the development of intelligent machines.


However, feedback today indicates that development in society has gone completely awry, and AI is taking over leadership from foolish humanity faster than we think, because foolishness and wisdom are imbalanced, largely in favor of foolishness. Like the frog that escaped a tight spot by chance, we must acquire critical thinking skills and literacy in the 21st century, and collaborate with intelligent machines to improve and utilize our knowledge, in order to avoid drowning. Estonian saying "Koorepütist eluga pääseda" means an unexpected and fortunate end to a tight spot, and by applying ourselves to education and cooperation with technology, we can hope to achieve such a fortunate outcome.


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